The design house Mohh’s foundation is firmly rooted in propagating the philosophy of “less is more”. Its latest collection of furniture titled ‘Jane’ is an embodiment of Founder Pritika Singh’s vision of coalescing global design idiom into contemporary language. The collection truly encapsulates the burgeoning trend of ribbed and fluted surfaces in architecture and home spaces and makes an efficacious impact using the minimalist style.

The Jane collection leans into the brand’s signature style of introducing a minimalistic design approach with a contemporary spirit. With the warmth and grains of wood being the focus, the collection has been designed keeping trending aesthetics, intricate detailing and design languages in mind.

The earthy neutral-toned line results in a cohesive furniture collection that can be mixed and matched with existing pieces. The seemingly simple design is an illusion with flutes adding visual interest and drama, and the handcrafting of each wooden flute extends that intricate detail. The collection comprises ensembles for family gatherings and get-togethers –dining and coffee tables, along with consoles. 

Driven by a strong environmentally conscious philosophy, Mohh contributes to the protection of the environment by scouring and using materials sustainably and efficiently. With carefully-sourced wood that remains at the centrepiece of this collection, the brand offers a spectrum of 3 finishes ranging from light to medium brown and black stained.

About the Founder – Pritika Singh 

A passionate, persistent, calm, and action-oriented Pritika Singh, entered the entrepreneurial world with her unique, bold, quirky ideas and founded Mohh. Established with an aim to make Mohh a design powerhouse and a preferred brand for every Indian’s furniture needs, her infectious ambition is at play every day at work to  achieve that goal. After completing her bachelor’s in commerce from Delhi University, she went on further to complete her master’s from King’s College London.
A marketing professional by qualification, her professional stint started in the corporate world for two and a half years where she was lauded as a go-getter & all-rounder by her superiors. Soon after the entrepreneurial streak reared its head and she decided to leap into her familial legacy of entrepreneurial achievements. The design first start-up, the young, firecracker Mohh team helmed by its vivacious founder is working hard to blaze a trail.

Pritika always has a charismatic aura which encourages and motivates people to work harder for the organisation. She is a fair and transparent leader who focuses on the overall growth and development of the people and of the organisation as a whole. She is extremely approachable, analytical & leaves no stone unturned to achieve a goal.

“There are some collections which you know will stand the test of time. These qualities define Jane collection which is timeless, classic, chic and comes together like a deceptively simple art piece. The handcrafting of the ribbed flutes and putting them together painstakingly is a testament to the care behind each piece. We’ve pushed the boundaries adding the flute details in curved and round bases for that softer, more elegant look. Lastly, letting the wood grains be the hero was the primary focus while designing the collection.” says Pritika Singh, Founder and Creative Director of Mohh.