A playful symphony, a whimsical mood board of oriental influences blended sublimely with chinoiserie, elucidates Kika’s newest launch Jade. A saga of exotic reticulations romanticised with blossoms in blushing hues, while nudges of opulent gold embellish this collection that serves with class and an avant-garde flair.

A fresh design story by Founder Janaki Kirloskar, that brings the allure of the Far East, interpreted the “Kika way” to accent any table with its beauteous pops of colour and glamour. Serving al fresco or a sit-down dinner, this vibrant array of chai, coffee mugs, trays, and serving platters, evokes mystique and enchantment with its traditional Chinese silhouettes wrapped in bold designs and a vibrant palette.

Elegant and eloquent, Jade is a collection designed for dreamers, which lets your imagination dress your table with its colourful imagery, luxurious finesse and distinct designs. Premium bone china, embellished with microwave safe 24 karat gold, each piece proudly hosts the Kika signature. Designed in-house by a team of passionate designers and handcrafted to perfection, the collection conjures a landscape of undisguised elegance. A perfect placement for your hors d’oeuvres, the Jade square platter speaks with poise and is resplendent in its verdant fringing and refreshing floral corners. Delicate flowers running daintily across the medium Tapas plate and small tray makes a picturesque statement of charm.

A perfect pairing for your morning tea, the Emerald and Jewel chai sets, enhance the reinvigorating flavours of your brew with their vibrant colours and quintessential blooms. To kickstart or recharge during the day, the blooming splendour of the Peony and Blossom coffee mugs is rejuvenation redefined with a scintillating visual appeal.

This collection makes way as a refreshing modern rendition of the fantasy of chintz-inspired blooms against picturesque Oriental grids, to herald unforgettable memories, gracing a casual soiree or a magical evening.

“We wanted to infuse modern elegance and timeless luxury in fine bone china that can elevate any dining experience as well as the tablescape. The design lexicon of this collection is a vibrant ode to the delightful charms of the East, while it also pays homage to scenic florals, with an avant-garde twist and a nod to tradition,” says Janaki Kirloskar, Founder Kika.

Website – https://kikatableware.com/