Interiors by Mili, helmed by the visionary Designer Mili Savekar, introduces their latest creation “The Coastal Palette Home” – an exquisite sea-facing residence nestled in the heart of Worli, Mumbai. This design marvel effortlessly harmonizes timeless elegance with contemporary design. 

Guided by the client’s aspiration for a sophisticated abode devoid of fleeting trends, a neutral color palette was chosen as a backdrop for a selection of textures and materials. This sprawling residence spanning 1800 square feet of carpet area and a total built-up space of 2000 square feet is meticulously curated to embody both functionality and luxury.

Mili Savekar’s design philosophy, rooted in the integration of enduring styles rather than the pursuit of passing fads, permeates every corner of this residence. An artful blend of marble, solid oak wood, dyed veneers, natural wallpapers, and aged brass finishes coalesce to create an immersive sensory experience. The predominantly neutral color palette, punctuated strategically with deep hues, fosters an inviting and welcoming ambiance.

Upon entering this remarkable residence, one is immediately greeted by a foyer that sets the stage for the overall design narrative. The foyer seamlessly transitions into a harmonious integration of the living and dining areas, embodying a sense of openness and fluidity.

To the left of this central space, one discovers the dual master bedrooms, meticulously designed to serve as elegant sanctuaries. These bedrooms have been thoughtfully adorned with elements that balance aesthetics and functionality, creating an atmosphere of refined comfort.

On the opposite side of the central living and dining area, a guest bedroom have been thoughtfully positioned. Here, the design ethos continues to prioritise both aesthetic appeal and practicality, ensuring that every corner of the residence serves a purpose while contributing to the overall visual harmony.

The true focal point of this exceptional residence resides within the living and dining area itself. Here, a captivating white marble wall takes center stage, creating a striking visual contrast against a ribbed fluted oakwood wall. This juxtaposition not only adds a sense of depth to the space but also conceals discreet entrances, adding an element of intrigue to the design.

To complete the ambiance, silk wallpapers adorn the remaining walls, infusing the entire living and dining area with a sense of warmth and texture. These carefully chosen wallpapers not only contribute to the visual aesthetics but also evoke a feeling of coziness, making this space truly inviting and conducive to relaxation and social gatherings.

Mili Savekar’s signature style, characterized by the integration of natural textures into a contemporary framework, is a testament to enduring design. The Coastal Palette Home, a creation of Interiors by Mili, redefines opulent living. With meticulous detailing, an exquisite palette of materials, and an unwavering commitment to timeless elegance, the residence offers a sanctuary of sophistication overlooking Mumbai’s vibrant cityscape.

Mili Savekar, Principal Designer, Interiors by Mili shares “Design is not about following trends; it’s about creating spaces that stand the test of time. This sea-facing haven in Worli embodies elegance, blending textures and materials seamlessly to craft a timeless modern sanctuary.” 

Fact File :

Design Firm : Interiors by Mili

Principal Designer : Mili Savekar

Design Team : Bhavik Chotaliya

Location : Mumbai

Area : 1,800 sq ft

Photography :  Rohit Mendiratta

Styling :  krei_studios