Sarita Handa Now and the iconic Scandinavian brand Wendelbo unveil their unique collaboration through the launch of a collection of contemporary furniture that echoes quite simple luxury which is reflected in the minimalistic design vocabulary. An alliance that seeks beauty in the art of simplicity fused with functionality, where each piece is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of serenity and slow living.

The eponymous lifestyle brand Sarita Handa Now is renowned for its modern and refined design ethos, which embodies & celebrates local and international artisans collectively. Wendelbo, since 1955, through three generations, has been driven by a strong passion for design with deep roots in Nordic emotions and the Scandinavian tradition of craftsmanship. Both generational brands are in sync in their design ethos and upholstery as a part of their DNA.  

An ensemble of sofas, armchairs and benches that embody graceful silhouettes with impactful linearity, muted tones and exquisite fabrics from the Sarita Handa Now textile collection. Each piece of the furniture collection iterates a powerful visual identity, remarkable aesthetics and uncompromising quality that can effortlessly enliven any room and seamlessly blend to create an uber luxury ambience.

“Our philosophy of handcrafted elegance and uncompromising design resonates with the Sarita Handa legacy just as their textiles truly compliment the Wendelbo furniture. Their team have created an exceptional bespoke range that reflects both brands’ core values,” says Sarah Deutrom, APAC Regional Sales Manager of Wendelbo“At Sarita Handa, we are constantly in pursuit of curating designs that transcend borders and design paradigms but exude an understated luxury poised with grace. With this alliance, we are ushering in a broader cultural aura by showcasing our finest and newest materials, highlighting clean lines in minimalist sentiments for the modern consumer,” says Suparna Handa, Managing Director, Sarita Handa.