Meticulously designed, the residence seamlessly amalgamates minimalist aesthetics with the organic allure of biomorphic curves, creating a space that transcends conventional boundaries.

The journey commences at the entrance, where a sunset-inspired shoe cabinet sets the tone for the captivating narrative within. The sinuous biomorphic curves gracefully guide occupants through the 1,200-square-foot living room, inviting them to experience the embrace of nature within the confines of contemporary elegance.

Soft, warm colours reflect a strong bond with nature, and carefully designed features, like a handmade wooden door handle shaped like a tree branch, become rustic focal points. “№ 0005” underscores Megha Dugar’s dedication to customisation, as every furniture piece and ornament carries a vibrant cultural history, shaping a home with a unique personality.

Rooted in Jainism, the home subtly weaves intricate references to cherished traditions, embodying a union of faith and modernity. The challenge of bringing the boundless nature into structured interiors finds a solution in the ceiling’s artistry, adorned with curves that echo the contours of the natural world.

The true masterpiece, an ombre carpet tracing the lines of the ceiling, captivates the living room, while a sacred shrine, the mandir, bridges traditional Indian architecture with contemporary design. The spacious pooja room seamlessly integrates into the serene aesthetic, providing a haven for devout worship.

Throughout the living area, curved patterns and design elements enhance the organic feel, creating celestial spaces that seem to whisper secrets from another realm. Customised elements, like a swing on the balcony, offer residents cherished retreats, encapsulating the essence of happiness and the fulfilment of a beautiful home.

In the dining area, micro-cements and marble surfaces depart from convention, allowing creativity to flourish. The four bedrooms, each characterized by biomorphic curves and soothing colors, offer a harmonious retreat inspired by the natural world.

Luxury and earthiness converge in the bathrooms, where opulent design elements complement the overarching theme. The kitchen, a testament to nature-inspired aesthetics, features a fusion of rich brown wood and green granite, marrying functionality with the beauty of the outdoors.

For Megha Dugar, the designer behind “№ 0005,” the project presented a unique challenge of blending nature’s organic flow into a structured space, overcoming obstacles like low ceilings and limited natural light. “№ 0005” is not merely a home; it is a masterpiece where every moment is an embrace of life, showcasing the seamless coexistence of design and nature.

Fact File :

Project Name – Biomorphic Curves

Design Firm : Megha Dugar Designs

Principal Designer : Megha Dugar Jain

Location : Bangalore

Area : 4,000 Sq ft

Photography Credit :  Arjun Krishna