Blending traditional elements with modern sensibilities, Romit Savla, Founder of Soch Design Studio’s Virali Villa speaks volumes about elegance and sophistication without sacrificing the comfort and personal touch that comes from dedicating each space to its respective inhabitant. Whether it’s sophisticated style or relaxed elegance, this house has it all! Taking into account family members’ individual needs, preferences and lifestyle habits, each space in this home is carefully crafted to reflect the distinct personality of its respective inhabitant.

Spanned across 1675 sq ft, this three-bedroom project is home to a family of five. The brief emphasised the need for a functional and easy-to-maintain house, avoiding the gloomy feel rendered due to the use of grey tones while retaining the existing beige botticino marble flooring. Adhering to the requisites, an ivory-based colour scheme was adopted as the complementing hue in each room. 

Bestowing a luxurious feel, the entrance features a grey marble-clad wall with a safety door adorned with geometric designs in circles and curves. Storage cabinets and a backlit name plate embedded in marble elevate the whole appeal. Designed to resemble an ivory canvas, the living room imparts a classical zen look. The elegant application of beige on the walls paired with oak wood furniture creates a calming atmosphere. A capsule fluted glass partition separates the dining area. Respecting the client’s Jain belief system, a mandir with ashthamangal on both sides with bells in alternate squares is incorporated. With meticulous attention to furniture details and material experimentation, the sofa, lounger chair, and centre table in the formal living area are designed by Soch Design Studio. A floor-standing swing and oak wood sofa bring functionality and style to the informal living room. 

Embodying a Moroccan-Scandinavian theme, the kitchen showcases a colour scheme of royal blue and ivory. The overhead storage is finished in ivory, Moroccan tiles with a blue base form a backsplash for the white and grey kitchen counter and the undercounter furniture is designed in royal blue. The sliding door for the kitchen features fluted glass frames in royal blue polyurethane. 

Every bedroom has been carefully planned, making sure each area blends harmoniously while still being individually tailored for each family member. Incorporating sharp lines and a palette of olive green and white, the young couple’s room exudes character and subtle elegance. An elaborate dressing unit and a small study table create a functional composition.

For a 15-year-old who enjoys games and prefers a minimal use of colours, knotty pine veneer along with maroon and blue shades paint the room. Veneer and coloured glass finishes in the study table are creatively arranged in geometric patterns to provide an interesting and functional space for storing books and study materials. The bathroom followed a similar design approach, featuring herringbone patterns created with white, blue, and red subway tiles. The design of this room is intended to be timeless, maintaining its appeal for years to come. 

To create a calm and composed atmosphere for the elderly couple, the room is designed with a zen approach. Rectangular offset geometric design, finished with stucco texture paint in beige on the backdrop of the bed achieves a monochrome appearance. The wardrobe is crafted using ash grey veneer and cane material for a natural look.

Romit, Principal Designer of Soch Design Studio says, “With the right approach and creative consideration for each family member, every detail in this home has been chosen to perfectly combine functionality with beauty. This house is designed to perfection; where every single corner is considered with care to create a unique living.”

Fact File :

Project Name: Virali Villa

Interior Design Firm :  Soch Design Studio

Photography Credit:  Yadnyesh Joshi of Endless Forms

Location : Santacruz West, Mumbai

Area : 1675 sq ft