Tucked away within the expansive 7196 square feet of DLF Camellias lies a vibrant Gurugram residence, meticulously designed to embody youthful energy. Guided by the creative minds of Shrruti Behall and Rajat Behl from NSN Studio Divine, this home harmoniously blends simplicity with exuberance, creating a space that delights the senses and nurtures the soul. Envisioned to exude a refined sense of luxury, this residence is more than just a living space for Malika and Mohit Sadani; it is a canvas for their journey together and a haven for their two young daughters, blending practicality with personal touches that reflect their unique personalities.

Challenged by the uniform layout of The Camellias, the designers endeavored to infuse each corner with character and charm, drawing inspiration from the bold aesthetics of Art Deco to bring glamour, luxury, and order into the space. The result is a symphony of patterns, textures, and shapes that breathe life into every room.

Upon entry, a gracefully curved wall sets the tone of understated elegance. The powder room, with its flowing lines and rich colors, offers a delightful visual treat. Moving into the communal areas, views of the Aravallis seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Every detail, from the furnishings to the artwork, tells a story of thoughtful design, transcending trends to create a space that combines beauty with practicality in perfect harmony.

Designed for both gatherings and relaxation, the kitchen features a cozy breakfast counter, perfect for family meals. The dining area, with its elegant marble accents and soft lighting, sets the stage for memorable dinners, while the bar reflects the family’s love for hospitality. In the living area, a cozy fireplace invites intimate conversations, complemented by a plush sofa for relaxation.

The private quarters are equally inviting, with a master bedroom that exudes refined living and a children’s room that sparks joy and imagination. Each space is designed with comfort and style in mind, creating a home that feels luxurious yet livable.

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Children’s Bedroom
Children’s Bedroom
Children’s Bedroom

“In Art Deco, beauty and functionality go hand in hand,” say Shrruti Behall and Rajat Behl. Every detail, from the curves to the colors, tells a story of thoughtful design and timeless elegance. This home is a true reflection of their vision, where beauty and comfort unite to create something truly special.

About NSN Studio Divine: Founded by Rajat Behl and Shrruti Behall, graduates of Vastu Kala Academy, NSN Studio Divine is a luxury design firm based in Delhi. Since 2004, they have redefined luxury through bespoke architectural, interior, and turnkey design solutions. With a global presence, NSN Studio Divine offers personalized interiors reflecting clients’ visions, along with expertise in design, architecture, PCMA, and infrastructure development, ensuring adherence to timelines and specifications from conception to fruition.

Fact File:

Project Name: Domus de Deco

Location: Gurugram

Typology and Square Footage: Residential apartment, 7196 sq ft.

Design firm: NSN Studio Divine

Principal Architect : Rajat Behl & Shrruti Behall

Photography : Deepak Aggarwal
Styling : Gaura Batra