Red Gunjan Cushion by No Mad 97_ India

Feeling Dotty – A funky boho edit unveiled by the renowned The House of Things acts as a gateway to the surreal with its fantastical alchemy of dots. It is an off-kilter décor collection that capers into the infinite enigma of orbs, vibrant hues and whimsical spirit — merging all into one with the cosmos.

With this collection, The House of Things voyages into a universe of sublime yet quaint aesthetics of home décor. A tongue-in-cheek home décor range, where Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s avant-garde polka dot lexicon forms the bedrock of the design, emblazoned with the quintessential circle leitmotifs, myriad colours and quirky forms, each piece synthesises an electrifying aura.

Iyla 02 by Art Attaichi
Daring Dino Wall Decor by Zookeeper
Grazie by Javi Home

Mystical and playful, this collection encompasses a mélange of sofas, coffee tables, wall art, wall mirrors, tableware, lighting, rugs and décor that emanate a blitheful vibe. For instance, the impelling Nandi Gunjan poster, where the silhouette of an indigenous Nandi bull poses with quirky dots, revels in its eccentricity. Another imaginative piece of art is artist Madan Meena’s Life circle, an organic repetitive pattern prompted by the rural art forms of tribal Meena women of Rajasthan.

Nandi Gunjan Poster by No Mad 97_ India
Life Circles by Madan Meena by Bougainvillae

Elevate your coffee table collection with the Emer coffee table, a lavishly detailed resin and bone inlay that portrays the perfect canvas for styling with its monochromatic hues. And to serve with magic and luxury, there is the Thali Platter – Bindu that narrates an enchanting tale with enamelled tantric symbols spelling out the mysteries of oneness. Just like the meditative quintessence of the Traya wall mural, a fluid and abstract composition plays out in three circles, exuding a tranquil, reflective and coruscating aura.

Emer Inlay Coffee Table by The Edit
Traya – Wall Mural – Set of 3 by Studio Indigene
Thali Platter-Bindu by Ikkis

A playful artistic mood board that is contemplative in temperament and ebullient in its roguish suave resonance, these pieces are easy to incorporate with any style giving any space a dotty upgrade from the ordinary.