Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city, this 1070 square-feet 3BHK apartment is located on the 27th floor of a high-rise condominium, offering panoramic views of the lush green hills and Mulund West’s townscape in Mumbai.

According to Mihir Patil and Eesha Mhadgut of Aesthete Atelierr, the design challenge was to harmoniously combine the various design requirements of individuals with a growing generational gap, while still achieving an aesthetically pleasing, modern, and serene space.

Designed for a family of four with a growing generational gap, the design of this home is rooted in the principles of modernism, which values simplicity, functionality and minimalism. The architects and designers have strived to create a space that is not only visually stunning, but also serves the needs of its inhabitants in the most efficient and effective way possible. The layout is open and spacious, with each room flowing seamlessly into the next, maximizing the use of space and creating a feeling of expansiveness.

The light-filled living room oozes a sense of calmness & a metallic tone for elegance. This adobe is a serene space to bask in after a long day at work with a warm cup of tea and the changing colors of the sky at sunset visible from full length French windows. The white walls with the moulding and golden accents serve as the backdrop to the design, allowing various tactile materials in the space to protrude & create harmony.

The smoked gray mirror panel creates a visual expansion of the dining corner. The bespoke dining table is polished travertine marble with soft edges blending with the tufted burgundy bench & chairs with a tree branch chandelier.

The living and dining areas of the house are the center of family gatherings, encouraging conversation and giving the space a sense of openness and transparency. 

Crafted from a selection of exquisite natural materials including teakwood, veneer, pink onyx, marble, and mother of pearl, this home mandir is a fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics. A frosted fluted glass divider adds a sense of serenity to the mandir, creating a separate zone that brims with divine energy.

The kitchen is an exquisite blend of form and function. The glossy mint blue finish lends a serene freshness, which beautifully contrasts with the black granite countertop. The white and black backsplash tiles with their echoing motifs create a captivating visual imprint, while the wooden and fluted glass cabinets add a delightful textural layer.

In the Younger Daughter’s bedroom, a caged pendant light suspended from the center of tall off-white arches creates a cozy nook that complements the rust-red velvet headboard with a hint of green, exuding a minimalist bohemian flair.

The extensive use of terrazzo in the Daughter’s bedroom creates a tranquil ambiance, while the clean lines lend visual elevation and significance. The room features a concrete pendant light and a natural rattan-covered wardrobe shutter encased in glass with a precise white groove, drawing attention to their design. The study table is positioned to take advantage of the natural light streaming in and embracing the oak wood and gray storage, affording a picturesque perspective.

This lavish master bedroom exudes boldness and energy, immersing visitors in a plush and luxurious theme. The oak wood wall panels and white statuario wall cladding impart an air of sophistication and elegance to the space. The PU-finished wardrobes are fitted with customized extended teakwood handles and adorned with elegant golden accents, adding a touch of opulence to the room.

The furniture in this suburban Mumbai apartment is custom-crafted with vibrant and contemporary elements that evoke a lively and energetic atmosphere. Made in-house, the furniture beautifully complements the material palette of the house, which directs the eye through a diverse range of visual stimuli produced by the meticulous use of different textures and materials. The fun and flamboyant surfaces and furnishings in shades of blue, maroon, green, and burnt orange are expertly balanced by light wood and neutral marble.

Overall, the apartment is designed to ease its residents’ transition to a more luxurious lifestyle, offering a sense of grandeur, tranquil workspaces, and joyous laughter.

Fact File :

Design Firm : Aesthete Atelierr

Principal Designer – Mihir Patil and Eesha Mhadgut

Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Area : 1,070 sq ft

Photography : Anuja Kambli