A French spin-off to the royal Indian palaces with their ritualistic patterns, motifs and colours, Leena Monga, Founder of Agnom Designs’ latest project in Gurugram is designed with a comprehensive approach of opulence and splendour with the nuances of Indianness. Immaculate geometric patterns, a sweeping gleam of metallic accents, audacious colour pops and encompassing chandeliers with ambient light summarise the story of this swanky apartment.

With a sprawling expanse of 6,400 sq ft on the 18th floor of the lavish Camellias in Gurugram, this apartment is home to four extravagant bedrooms and even more posh bathrooms. While the homeowners gave Leena the complete freedom to realise the vision of their dream home into reality, there was a single stipulation, to amalgamate Neoclassical aesthetics and conventional elements of Indian palaces in their new city home. This mandate starts its journey right from the time one gets off the elevator and steps onto the monochrome geometric patterned floor with an eye-catching console in glossy crimson placed in front of a louvred wall feature. With an intersecting four-wave design set within brass inlay, the wall resembles the family emblem—how all the members tied-up together yet have their own trajectories and personalities. A sparkling chandelier sets the tone for the glamour that awaits within. 

Overlooking the expansive city skyline and greens of a golf lawn, the living room is crafted with distinct hues, the finesse of wood, the radiance of metallic notes, quintessential artwork and a regal chandelier. While tinted mirrors evince dimension and depth to the space, wall mouldings with metallic edges reinforce the French Neoclassical appeal. A colour associated with royalty, blue became the backbone colour in an overall neutral palette. Ensconced between an onyx accent wall on one end and a traditional miniature style painting on the other, the dual social spaces are clad in hushed tones. In this interplay of textures and patterns, while the wicker work couch in brass strips offers a distinct touch of textures, the showstoppers are the notable motifs on the ceiling, replicated on wallpaper.

A continuous mirror wall transitions to the dining room that plays host to a ten seater white onyx table paired with the slimmed-down contemporary version of the Corset chair. The recurring mouldings, mirrors and metal inlays comb through the theme and a suspended inverted tray ceiling bound with dangling octagon-shaped marble pendants illuminates the space.

Each bedroom interior design bestows the vision of a room designed for a Maharaja, though adhering to the sensibilities of its occupants.

The master bedroom brings the trajectory of the blue back with its furnishings. The inspiration from Madhubani paintings veils the curtains. Plush leather tufted beige headboard set against monochrome veneer panelling with metal profiles is another constant that runs through the home.

The youthful vibe of the son’s room makes its presence known from a single glimpse. Along with the trademark chevron black and white pattern and metal inserts, an orange armchair furnishes a dash of colour and the horse motifs reflect the occupant’s interest in equestrian sports.

The use of orange continues in the third room through the bed along with prevailing patterns and hues. Cage chair offers a vantage viewpoint over the golf course. When it comes to luxury, the bathroom interior designs are a step ahead. Black and white geometric patterns transform into a base for two of them, while the third has a floor to ceiling glass wall etched with a digitally printed leaf design that fashions for a distinctive feature wall. The luster of loft chandeliers commands attention.

Research into heritage art and design that was largely influenced by the royal Indian castles, yielded a home that is modern and luxurious. “The idea was to blend the signature markers of opulence — Italian marble, gold accents, classic mouldings, reflective surfaces and lush fabrics. We took inspiration from the palaces across India to borrow colours, patterns and motifs that could be adapted to a contemporary milieu.” says Leena Monga, Founder and Principal Designer of Agnom Designs.

Fact File :

Studio Name: Agnom Designs

Location: DLF Camellias, Gurgaon

Area: 6,400 Sq ft

Photography: Atul Pratap Chauhan