UDC Homes sets another benchmark in luxuriating textured wallcoverings with the launch of two exclusive collections — Berkeley and Swallow. Helmed by Co-Founder Neha Jain, the brand has been at the forefront of innovative decor solutions for the past 25 years. Wallcoverings are microcosms that weave a magical journey and convert the blank canvas of walls into the finest savoir-faire. Both collections pay homage to a myriad of contemporary patterns, shapes, and silhouettes in their own distinct ways.

The brand’s vision is to create delightful walls that nurture dreams and aspirations in the most unique and customised ways. The dual inaugural collection of Swallow and Berkley showcases an array of styles, including but not limited to abstract, geometric and Wabi-Sabi-inspired wallcoverings. These exquisite wallcoverings create invigorating and familiar spaces by using earthy hues and brilliant aesthetics that push the boundaries of art, offering an amalgamation of styles that genuinely redefine wall decor.

Berkeley is a montage of earth-inspired and subtle hues replete with three-dimensional tactile designs that recalibrate the essence of contemporary architecture. With its acoustic, foam-based, and wipeable features, Berkeley is the ultimate combination of style and functionality. This exquisite range comprises soft, organic, geometrical designs, abstract patterns and asymmetrical shapes, to name a few. Each luxury wallcovering embodies opulence, celebrating subtle textures and neutral designs. While the striped wallcoverings reinforce the confluence of the old and new, its 3D edition, Velveteen, adds depth to the.  

The Swallow range emanates contemporary designs featuring stripes and textures that create a serene ambience that’s designed to impress. Meticulously crafted with unwavering attention to detail, these wallcoverings are made from the finest materials, such as linen and natural grass cloth, ensuring an exceptional finish that exudes quality. The collection comprises metallic finishes and embossed textures, thus offering endless possibilities for creating a unique and stylish space that reflects your personal taste and style. Rich textures and elegant colours inform the tactile quality of this collection. Sleek, elegant, and modern, the Swallow features delicate patterns, mixed with an on-trend palette for a clean aesthetic to elevate contemporary interiors.

“Our newest launches take forward UDC’s legacy of exemplifying elegance without eschewing originality, exclusivity, and above all, quality. They are available in beautiful geometric shapes and varied textures that can become the focal point of your home,” says Neha Jain, Co-Founder of UDC Homes.

About UDC Homes Founded by Neha Jain and Ramit Jain, UDC Homes has been at the forefront of innovative decor solutions for the past 25 years. One of India’s largest paint retailers for more than a decade, UDC Homes unveiled its wall coverings division in 2014 under the supervision of Mrs Neha Jain, Interior and Wallpaper Expert, UDC Homes. Believing in the philosophy that the perfect finishing touch enhances the ambience of a space, the company designs and curates its wallpaper collection for retail and distribution to global retail giants.

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