In the midst of summer, it’s time to anchor a vibrant spring vibe with the lifestyle brand The Blue Knot’s latest rug collection, “Millefleur”. The edit is a homage to the vivacious midsummer dream with rugs inspired by the English chintz and opulent blossoms, meticulously woven in an eclectic palette with cheerful hues that adorn to enliven a space with their nature-endowed freshness. 

The Blue Knot, helmed by Swasti. S. Mehrotra, entwines impeccable craftsmanship with contemporary sentiments and immaculate finishes, where every rug is crafted with passion and grace. This collection is a canvas drenched in lively hues that brings spring to your bohemian summer party or a mellow movie night.  

Petunia Rug
Peony Rug

Jasmine Rug

Posies of blush pink jasmines juxtaposed against a rich turquoise backdrop in the luxurious Jasmine rug reminiscents a journey through a quintessentially British garden. An oval silhouette daintily scalloped in the Petunia rug is suffused with intricate lilies in pink, ochre and purple, with chromatic synchrony that mesmerises. A visual of bold florals in shades of blue, yellow, orange and grey define the Tsubaki rug that can amp up any room with its exuberance. Exotic and ornate, the Peony rug where unabashed red, pink, orange and blue peonies create drama against a subtle grey backdrop that can initiate conversations. Another bewitching rug rooted in nature and dazzling notes juxtaposed against a muted background bequests a playful whimsy to any living space. 

Tsubaki Rug
Tsubaki Rug

“The atypical synthesis of natural beauty and harmonious weaving with special techniques in these refreshing floral rugs can redefine the aura of any living space. This collection celebrates summer with joyous and vibrant hues inviting the laid-back summer mode,” says Swasti. S. Mehrotra, Founder and Creative Director, The Blue Knot.